New Years Depression

I’m feeling pretty good today. I did NOT feel well yesterday morning! I woke up with a horrible headache and felt nauseous. I finally DID get sick. I’m not sure what was going on. I just rested the rest of the day and spent time researching a new idea that I have for making money and being able to stay home! I’m pretty excited about it!! Once I get it up and running real good, I’ll share it here! 🙂

Journal Entry: Thursday – January 1, 2015

Fireworks at sunset
Photo Credit: Warren Photographic

Happy New Year! I hope your New Year’s Eve was more exciting than mine was. I went to bed early and alone because Hubs fell asleep in the living room. I was still awake when he finally came to bed,  but he was was pretty much still asleep. I couldn’t sleep. The fireworks behind my house, at the house behind us (through the woods and across the lake) started going off about 10:00 p.m. I could see them from my bedroom window. They were BIG! I opened the blind and could see them from my bed. They continued to go off until midnight. Twice, I heard something like a big cannon go off! It was super loud and shook my whole house! I’m not sure what that was. Hubs slept through it all, of course.

I have no plans for today. Just to watch the Rose Bowl Parade and football. Next Saturday, I hope to go up towards Atlanta and meet up with my friend, Deanna. I need a friend to talk to and cry with. I’ve been so depressed. 

I made an appointment with my doctor for Monday. I’ve got a LOT that I want to talk to her about!

I’ve got to get involved in some things this year. I can’t spend 90% of my time at home, by myself. I hate this lonely feeling that I have. I can’t even look at Facebook! So many people showing how they had a such a wonderful time last night, bringing in the new year. It just depresses me even more!

Journal Entry: Friday – January 2, 2015

Well…. My New Years day SUCKED!!! I was in a depressed mood all day and fighting back tears. (There are reasons for this, but they are very personal and I am not willing to share them here, at this time.)

Maybe I need to be on some type of medication that will calm my hormones down! I’m going to the doctor on Monday. I guess that’s one thing that I could ask her about. I just don’t want hormone replacement drugs! I’ve heard nothing but bad things about them.

I NEED to focus on myself and not so much on Hubs. I need to work on all of my faults and get myself back on the healthy wagon! The one that likes to exercise and eat right and has lots of energy!


2 thoughts on “New Years Depression

  1. I’m also looking for work from home. I already work from home as a Child Development Specialist and have been working with children for over 20 something years. I’m looking to do something completely different. Let me now what you come up with. 🙂


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