I Know I Shouldn’t… But…

Is there a name for someone who constantly researches things in order to learn more about them?? If there is… then THAT is what (who?) I am!

I enjoy reading and researching things. (Too bad I didn’t enjoy that back in high school!) Especially when it comes to my health and the symptoms that I have. I’ve slowed down at the moment since I am more involved in my blogging and my POSHMARK STORE.

For me…. I believe in researching things to become as educated as I can regarding whatever it is that I am researching.

Yes… I know… “You can’t believe everything you read”… Especially on the internet! BUT… We don’t have access to a whole bookcase full of encyclopedias in our own home like we used to. (At least I did!)  And…. If we did… Would they be up to date with the latest info?? Doubtful.

Soooo…. Where am I supposed to go for information??? —– THE INTERNET!!

If you grew up in the 60’s & 70’s… you might remember these!

Photo credit HERE (these are for sale on this link!)

And guess what??? You can STILL buy new ones!! I had no idea!

Oh dear! There goes my searching the internet ONLY theory!


Why am I writing about all this “researching” stuff? Well, like I said earlier… that’s what I do! You will see in this next journal entry! (and many others, I’m sure!)

Journal Entry: Tuesday – January 27, 2015

I’m really scared! I’m scared that I have diabetes. I know how it affects your extremities and my finger tips have been tingling. And… this morning, when I stepped out of bed, my left heel felt like it was asleep! 

I’ve always known that there was a 50/50 chance that I would get diabetes because of my daddy, but…. I DON’T WANT IT!! (my daddy AND both his sister and his brother had it!)

I don’t know. Maybe I don’t have it. I’m looking up symptoms now and I don’t have too many of the other ones. 

Yesterday, I had a massive headache! I just want to stay home and cry all day today. 

Journal Entry: Thursday – January 29, 2015

Tomorrow, I go back to the endocrinologist to have my blood work done. They will also do an ultrasound on my thyroid. Then, I go back in two weeks for the results. I am SO anxious to know what is going on!


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