What is Your Learning Style?

What type of learner are you??

If you don’t know…. I am about to give you a way to find out!

Remember my post from a couple of days ago, titled …. “Anxiety? Depression? Both?…. IDK” ? Well… in that post, I listed all the “junk” going on in my little brain.

This morning, as I flip to the next day of my journal, I see that on that day I made a list of what was on my brain tiny little brain then, as well! And… now that I think about it… I’ve done that many times as I’ve journal.

Does anyone else do that? Or is it just me??

I think… for me, it helps me to realize all ALL that I have going on, so that I can find ways to manage each thing on the list. I guess that goes along with me being a “visual” learner.

Check out this “visual” that I found….


I just had a really good chuckle (Chuckle?? I never use that word!! Where did that come from?) over the fact that I realized that I seem to always gravitate to “Google Images” when I want to learn about something! I really did just, “Laugh Out Loud”!! And yes… I AM a visual learner!! Well… 55% of my “little” brain, is. The other parts I learn by are, Tactile at 30% and Auditory at 15%.

So… yes… as I clicked on Google Images to look for a visual on “Types of Learning Styles” (Because I wanted to make sure that I really WAS a visual learner and didn’t want to be telling you something that wasn’t true!) I saw many beautiful images that I could have picked, but for some reason… this one caught my eye right away. Maybe because it was so “simple” looking and was very “colorful”. I love colors!! (Gee… I wonder why?)  

By reading these types of learning styles, I saw that… yes, I do believe that I am a visual learner, but … I also saw several others that I could be, also. I didn’t realize that there were so many different ones!

Clicking on the graphic led me to the web page where I found a link to a quiz that helps you discover what type of learner you are!!! HOW COOL IS THAT??!!!

Here are the links…

To the page with the graphic — https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/a150018/tag/learning-style/

And here is the link (in case you miss seeing it) to the quiz….


Okay…. back to my next journal entry. I apologize for going down another “bunny trail”. I think it was worth it, though!

Journal Entry: Friday – January 30, 2015

Yesterday, I went and had my blood work done and had the ultrasound. The girl that did the ultrasound said that the right side of my thyroid DID look enlarged. Of course… she was not at liberty to tell me what that actually “meant”. Soooo…. I will have to wait until my next visit with the doctor. UGH.

I am skipping some areas in my journal here in order to get to the part with the “list”.

I have SO MUCH on my mind right now!! My head feels like it is spinning! 

  • my thyroid and my health issues and having to WAIT on the results. (I’m usually a very patient person, but waiting on things like this… make me NUTS!)
  • changing primary care doctors. (This turned out to be a good thing, and it’s about to get even better!)
  • trying to do (and failing at it!!) the “Biggest Loser” challenge at work. (I used to work at a ladies gym called “Curves for Women”. Every January, they would have a contest to get the members (and employees) to lose their holiday weight that they gained. Yaaa…. I failed)
  • Hubs’ job change. (That ended up not happening, but it was stressful at the time.)
  • us moving (3-5 years from now? Or sooner) Yaaa… that didn’t happen either.
  • Mandy’s new job and MOVE! (where to?) She had just gotten a job as an flight attendant. 
  • helping Mandy get a newer car. 
  • my VERY cluttered office! (You should see it right now!!! YIKES!!)
  • getting new carpet & bedroom furniture
  • getting a new roof
  • getting a new heating and air system. 


That last sentence is interesting to me, because I say that almost daily now. Back then… I had NO idea why! Now, I know! It’s the stupid Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis!! 


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