“Call Your Mom.” — I CAN’T!!!

This post is coming straight out of my journal for today —- May 14, 2017

Today is Mother’s Day. It is the first Mother’s Day that I don’t have a mom to wish “Happy Mother’s Day”, to. It’s a weird feeling. For 51 years… that’s what I did on Mother’s Day. I feel sad and empty inside. 

Yesterday, I had an email notification that popped up on my locked phone screen that said, “Call your mom”. I immediately YELLED at my phone and said… “I CAN’T CALL MY MOM!!!”

I opened up my phone to see just WHO would send me this AWFUL email!!! It turned out to be from a site that I don’t even remember signing up to get emails from! Here’s what I saw when I opened up the email. I have not read the article. I can’t. 


The tears started flowing BIG TIME and I couldn’t stop them. It’s been a while since I cried THAT hard! I miss my mom. I miss our conversations. (The good ones, at least.) I spent my whole life with her being a HUGE part of my life, through the good times and the bad. 

Over the past few years, I have prayed to God for him to “heal” her in whatever way He wanted. Whether it was to heal her body, here on earth… Or, to heal her body by taking her home to be with him. Well.. He finally did. (In HIS time) He took her home to be with him this past September. I always said that I was ready for Him to take her home, but… now that she’s gone… I miss her so much! 

My mom was the one and ONLY person that I KNEW loved me, no matter what! I was her only child and I was also her whole world. 

This Mother’s Day is difficult for another reason, as well. 

Unfortunately… I can’t share this part with you. I had planned to share it, but I can’t. I decided that it is just too personal.

All I can say is… If you can… CALL YOUR MOM TODAY!!!

There WILL come a day when you can’t, and it’s not fun. You WILL regret it someday, if you don’t. Trust me!

Don’t use social media or a text to tell her Happy Mother’s Day. —- CALL HER!!

Or better yet…. GO VISIT HER!!!!!  There’s no need for gifts. All she wants to do is hear your voice, feel your love for her, or get a loving hug from you. (Not a one-armed hug, either!) 

The BEST gift would be to tell her (and… not through social media or a text).


To all of you that are mothers…. “Happy Mother’s Day”!



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