“Bless Her Little Heart”

This is the first time that I am writing from my iPhone. I usually use my laptop. My daughter and 11 month old granddaughter are here visiting and Rosey’s bed is set up in my office.  It’s all good, though. I don’t mind sharing. 😊

My little Rosey is beginning to walk now!! It’s the most precious thing! It’s been so long since I’ve seen a little one at the beginning stages of it. She looks like a little drunk person, carefully taking each step and staggering to one side as she gets to moving a little faster. It’s soooo cute!! 

She’s also teething… (finally), so she’s a bit cranky because of it. So, staggering and falling doesn’t help! Poor thing. “Bless her little heart”, as most southerners would say. That’s a phrase I never picked up. I can hear my mom say it, but I don’t think she used the phrase too much. Maybe that’s why I never picked it up. Plus… I grew up in the big city of Atlanta and…. APPARENTLY …. I don’t have a southern accent, as I’ve been told by a few people. So, I guess maybe that’s another reason I didn’t pick up that phrase. Who knows. 

Oh wow. Was that a bunny trail, or what??? Oops. 

I’m looking at the next few days of my 2015 journal and there was a LOT going on in my life at the time. —- Mandy getting hired by the airline and possibly moving to another city… hubs getting a management position and US moving, too! … Workers at my house putting in a new heating and air system (it took a few days, of course) 

I was SO stressed at the time!!! But…. I DID manage to lose 5 pounds in a week! Yay, me!! 

Wait for it…. wait for it…..

BAM!!!!!  Back up 6 pounds 3 weeks later!!!! πŸ˜‘ 

Well, that was fun while it lasted. 

I was having terrible headaches in February of 2015. I still get them frequently. I think they are sinus and allergy related, though. 

I’m going to stop for now. I’ll pick back up in my journal tomorrow. The date will be February 20, 2015. I will have more to write about regarding my Hashi’s. 


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