About Me

Me on my 50th birthday – Pensacola Beach, Florida

Hello and welcome to my personal blog about turning the big 5-0!! I created this blog for two reasons… 1) To share my experiences of being on the “other side” of fifty, and… 2) To hopefully inform and educate women on health concerns to be aware of and life’s crazy challenge’s that come unexpectedly as we age!

My name is Becky and I am currently 52 years YOUNG! I live in west-central Georgia with my husband of almost 32 years. (April 19, 1985… to be exact!) We have two grown daughters who are both married. We also have one precious 10 month old granddaughter!!

I have never written professionally, but I have kept a personal journal for roughly 20 years. (If I counted my “diary” entries, as a teen… it would be even more years!) I will be using those journals, and share them here, as I weed through the past 2+ years of my life and try to make sense of it all.

Before I turned 50, my life was … what I thought… going pretty darn good! Then… it was like someone had flicked the “switch” and suddenly I was like Alice in Wonderland… falling into a deep hole, saying… “What the hell happened?”.

I will get into the details later, but in a nutshell… I was diagnosed 2 years ago (Right after I turned 50!!) with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. NOT FUN! If you’ve never heard of it… please click the link and you can quickly read what it is. And.. just so you are aware, I will most likely refer to it as “Hashi’s” in this blog.

I am currently unemployed and the doctor bills are stacking up! (Another reason to start this blog!) I’ll explain as we go, why I’m not working.

Please join me on this journey and we can conquer the “big 5-0” (and beyond!), together! Feel free to leave a comment and let me hear your journey!


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