Wedding Anniversary and… Brain Fog?

wedding photo

That’s an interesting title, isn’t it?

Well… for me… today, at least… those words go together perfectly, unfortunately.

Since today is my 32nd wedding anniversary… which I almost forgot about because of this stupid autoimmune disease!!… I suppose I should make this blog post a devoted one to my hubby.

I have terrible “brain fog” lately. I get so focused on one thing that I can’t think about anything else. Then, when I try to shift gears and think about something else (because I have to), I have trouble getting there. My brain just won’t shift!

Haha! I just thought of a good analogy! (I love analogies!)

Think about the time when you learned how to drive a car that is a “stick shift”. … (If you have, that is. I tried, but never could master it. And… for the life of me… I can’t remember the proper term for one of those types of cars! UGH! But, you know what I’m talking about.) … You are in one gear and when you try to shift to the next gear… you can’t get there. Eventually, you DO. But, it took several tries. Meanwhile, you are grinding those gears trying really hard to make it work!

THAT is how I feel!!!


Whew! It feels good to finally have a way to explain how I feel.

Ok… back to my anniversary.

Yes. Hubs and I were married 32 years ago. We were SO young! I was 20 and he was 22. I look back and think… WOW! We were WAY too young!” (I’m sure that’s what our parents were thinking!) But… we were in LOVE, and love conquers all. 🙂

We were married at Stone Mountain Park , on the lawn in front of the carving. It was a small ceremony, performed by a justice of the peace. It was simple, but we didn’t care. All we cared about was getting “hitched”!

** Side note: If you click on that link to Stone Mountain Park, you’re probably going to think and wonder… “They got married there??” Well… you see… back in 1985, it was a State Park and a LOT different! Now… for me… it is WAY too commercialized! It’s more like a theme park. This is fine, if that’s what you like and enjoy. But, for those of us that remember the park the way it used to be, it’s just not the same.

Anyway… that’s a blog post for another day.

I am going to go ahead and end this post. My brain…(aka, my “gear shift”)… is just not cooperating.

I have typed.

… Deleted.


… Deleted.

over and over!!!

I have an appointment with a neurologist today. I made the appointment because of my Restless Leg Syndrome (which is better lately… of course!) , but …. maybe… he can help with this brain fog issue, as well. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Hopefully, he can teach me how to “shift gears”.

Happy Anniversary, Hubs! I love you!