Feeling Sick and Closing Out December

I’m not writing much today. My mind is on so many other things and I can’t focus on my writing. I’m working on a way to make money from home. I just don’t feel like I can handle a job working somewhere else or FOR anyone else. I never know how I’m going to feel. For instance… I felt GREAT Saturday! Yesterday, I was just tired. And today… I feel like I could be sick. NOT a fun feeling! I didn’t sleep well last night, either. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Back to my journal — As the year ended… I was feeling more and more miserable and couldn’t wait to go see my doctor at the beginning of the year. I knew something just wasn’t right.

Journal Entry: Saturday – December 27, 2014

I don’t even want to set foot on the scales! But… I have to get back to eating right and exercising. It’s a MUST DO! My #1 priority after the new year is to lose weight. I’ve gotta’ keep that focus. 

Journal Entry: Monday – December 29, 2014

Yesterday, Hubs and I were lazy and SO TIRED! (We had a Christmas / New Years Party the night before.) Our party was a lot of fun! But… I looked at the pictures of myself that one of my friends posted on Facebook …. and OH MY! I looked SO BAD!! It was so depressing. I’ve GOT to eat better and get my energy level back! I’ve got to get serious again.

At work, we are gearing up for the “Biggest Loser Contest” that is coming up in mid January. It last for 3 months. I hope I can do well with it. Last year, I lost 9 pounds during it. 

I did work out today and I did some Zumba. One lady told me that I didn’t look happy, today. I wonder if she could see how stressed and upset I am about my weight. I’ve gotta’ get back to it!!!