Approaching 50 (part 3)

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This next journal entry is a good one. I noted that… “my body feels so out of whack”.  (whatever “whack” is!)

cropped-img_04851.jpgJournal Entry – Saturday, November 22, 2014 – Gained another pound!! UGH!! 

Oh my word!! Yesterday was a head-spinning day! I worked 6:30-noon, but actually didn’t leave until 1:00 because I had someone come into join at 11:30. Soooo…. that was good! I worked longer, but it was worth it! 

*I used to work as a fitness coach for “Curves for Women”. If it had paid more, I would have stayed. 

I realized yesterday that because my stupid monthly cycle hasn’t happened yet – (I am a week late! And…. NO! I am not pregnant!!) … that I must be finally entering into menopause! This could be part of the reason why my weight is up. I looked it up while I had the time at work and a lot of the symptoms for “peri-menopause” (leading up to menopause) are symptoms that I have experienced over the past… maybe… 5 years! I am not trying to make excuses for my weight gain, but it could definitely be part of the reason. my body feels so out-of-whack!

Hubs texted me while I was at work and said that there was a job opening up in January in Athens, Georgia! 

*Hubs works as a mechanic for a major shipping company.

*Athens, Georgia is the home of the University of Georgia. The Georgia Bull-“dawgs“, as we pronounce it … and spell it!… down here! And yes… I am a Georgia Bulldawg fan!

He and I have talked about this before. He is SO excited about this and can’t wait to bid on the job! Yes… It IS exciting, but… I am nervous. This would definitely take me away from Ansley, of course. I barely see her as it is. And, Mandy…. we’re not sure where she will be living yet. Soooo…. I am going to pray about this and see if it’s what God wants. Meanwhile… that’s ALL I can think about!!

*”Ansley” (named changed) is my oldest daughter. “Mandy (name also changed) is my youngest. Mandy was applying to be a flight attendant at the time this was written. Ansley was still living close to home.

Hubs asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday. (I thought he was going to surprise me!) I REEEALLLLY want to go to New Orleans! We’ll see if that happens.

Between possibly moving to Athens and a birthday trip, my head (my mind) is STILL spinning!!

*Here it comes! We are getting closer to my big 5-0 birthday!


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