Adrenal Fatigue, too??

If any of you run a business … Or are TRYING to!... you know what it feels like to make your first few sales! I made my third, last night! I know that isn’t many, but I’ve only been open for business since the beginning of this month. Three sales in 3 weeks doesn’t seem too bad! 🙂

I’m reading constantly about how to market the business and other ways to boost sales. Yesterday, I worked a lot on revamping some of my pictures and it seemed to work!!

Anyway… here’s the link to my Poshmark Closet, once again. Hope you don’t mind just a “little” bit of marketing and sharing of my excitement, here on my blog! I REALLY need to make this business work, so I can pay my medical bills and be able to stay home and work.

Journal Entry: Saturday – February 28, 2015

Well, I managed to sleep more than 6 hours last night! I actually slept 8 & 1/2!! Wahoo!!  I did wake up about 2:00, though. That is one of the signs of Adrenal Fatiguewhich I “think” I have. “Fatigue” definitely plays a part, anyway. 

Yesterday, at work, I felt good and decided to work out. But, then… about half-way through it, I had to STOP. I became short-winded and felt weak. My heart felt like it was racing, too. I took my blood pressure and it was 147/87. — Not horrible, but not good, either. 

All of this makes me so MAD!!! But… it also makes me sad. I swore up and down (to myself) that I was not going to follow in my parents footsteps and have bad health, as I got older. 




WOW! I am so thankful for all of the “likes” on my blog post from yesterday! Who knew that a list of all the junk going on in my little brain could be so interesting! I could actually add MORE to that list this morning, but I don’t want to keep going down that “bunny trail”. 😉

I am not sure if I mentioned in a previous post or not, that my mom recently passed away, last year on September 25th. —- writing this through tears now… so hang in there with me….   She had a stroke in November of 2005. (The 2nd worst day of my life. The first was when my daddy died.) She lived most of her last 11 years in a nursing home. (I SHOULD have written a blog during all that, but I wasn’t mentally in the right frame of mind for it, for most of those years anyway.)

Anyway…. I needed to explain all of that before I write this next blog post. I didn’t want you to be confused and think… “Okay. I think I missed something. What happened to her mom?”

By the  way —- I have been told that I write like I talk … (which is a LOT!)… so, if I have your mind so confused as you read this, all I can say is… WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!

Journal Entry: Thursday – January 29, 2015.

I woke up with another headache this morning. I think it’s sinus pressure, but I had a bad dream just before I woke up. It could be because of that. 

I dreamed that I was with my mom in an apartment and I had come home to find her yelling at me because I had left the back door open and we had been robbed! (Wow. This is weird! I haven’t read this blog post since I write it over two years ago and I can still see this dream, fresh in my mind! Dreams totally fascinate me. They always have!) They had taken my stash of cash that I had hidden, (Wish I had that stash now! I could use it.) my iPod and my big camera. They did not take my laptop or my iPad. My mom and I got into a HUGE argument(This was not unusual. Through my teen years, my mom and I didn’t get along too well.) 

I wonder if my mom was in my dream because she called me last night about 8:30, asking me about an upaid car repair bill that she said she never paid. I told her not to worry because that had been 10 years ago! I forgot to mention that my mom’s mind was “sharp as a tack” (as she would say), up until the day before she died. 

More tears flowing…. hang in there with me.

Not the best picture… but, this is my mom. This “selfie” was taken when Mandy & I went to go see her on Christmas Eve, 2014.

I have no earthly idea what brought that to her mind! It was rather odd. I couldn’t finish my conversation with her because the aides were there in her room, waiting to put her to bed. I should go over there today, but I don’t want to. (Please don’t judge me for that.)

This morning, I have to be at the endocrinologist’s office at 8:00 to have blood work and the ultrasound done on my thyroid.  I can’t eat anything. I’m trying to drink my coffee black, but… YUCK!!! I wish I had tomorrow off. I need a day at home. 

Learning About the Thyroid

Thank you for the prayers for my Levi. He is doing MUCH better! The vet said that he probably just twisted his knee. She didn’t think it was anything serious. She gave him some pain meds and said to let him be a “couch potato” for the next week or two to let the inflammation subside. 🙂

Journal Entry: Thursday – January 15, 2015

I got my hair done yesterday. (I have been getting my hair highlighted for many years now.) I was there for what felt like FOREVER!! I had two girls in front of me. Usually, I am her first appointment. Oh well. My hair turned out awesome and that’s all that matters! I love my hairdresser, Katie! 

I went to see my mom after that. I didn’t stay too long, though. I wanted to ask her questions about her thyroid. It turns out that she had half of hers removed because of a growth, not because it was defective! (I’m not sure what that means) Soooo….. I guess I did not get this thyroid problem from her. I don’t know for sure, though. 

I bought two books from the book store. They are GREAT and are explaining a LOT! They’re making me realize that I need to see an endocrinologist, which is a doctor that deals with the endoctrine system — thyroid and hormones. (Plus more) 

Hubs agreed with me — THANK YOU, LORD! So, my goal today is to get myself set up with an appointment with one. Hopefully, I won’t have to wait months!! 

Today, I plan to stay at home. I hope to get some chores done, but I am so distracted by all this thyroid “stuff”! All I want to do is read these books! 

Here are the two books that I bought and the links to Barnes & Noble.

HYPO book 1



Cherished Moments

Yesterday was a good day! I am SO excited about my new online shop! I went to Goodwill and had fun sifting through the racks and racks of clothes, looking for top name brands that were on sale and were in excellent or very good condition.

We have many Goodwill stores here in town, but I chose the largest one. I knew that I would not get through the whole store, so I concentrated just on shorts and tops. It was a lot of fun because I got to look at clothes that weren’t just in my size! With this business, I can actually LOOK AT and PURCHASE tiny size 2’s and 4’s, that I would never be able to wear!

I have washed what I could. I realized after I got home that one top is “Dry Clean Only”. Oops! That was a lesson for my future inventory shopping. A couple of others said, “Hand Wash”. I don’t like to do that, but I will.

Next, I will iron them and get them ready to be listed. My plan is to list from my own closet, as well. But, I also wanted to have some fun and purchase some more “top of the line” name brands that I, personally, don’t have in my own closet! Plus…. it gave me an excuse to shop! Shopping makes me happy! 🙂


Journal Entry: Thursday – January 8, 2015

Yesterday, was a pretty good day. I did some errands in town and then headed to the other side of the river, in Alabama, to go visit my mom. 

My mom lived in a nursing home at this time, due to a stroke that she had in November of 2005. When she was there, I made weekly visits to go see her and handle her needs.

Before I headed over there, I realized that it was about lunch time and I knew that she would be in the dining room, eating lunch. The dining room at that place was SO crowded and was not very visitor friendly! I always tried to avoid going at that time. 

I remembered that I had a gift card for Subway, so I stopped in there to have lunch and kill time and then, headed to see my mom. By this time, my mom was back in her room. We had a nice visit. (Not all of them, were!) 

One of the things that I was thankful for, with my mom, was that her long-term memory was SO GOOD! I loved to just sit and talk with her about the past. I loved hearing stories of her childhood and teen years. Stories of her and my daddy before I was born. And stories of when I was little. I tried to write down as much as I could when she would share something with me that I had never heard before. Today, was one of those days!

We got on the subject of my daddy. I found out WHERE they got engaged! That was something that I never knew. 

My daddy had the ring in his pocket and had planned to ask my mom to marry him, but couldn’t decide when the right time would be. Apparently, they were driving down this one road …. which is a MAJOR road now!… heading to my mom’s house, where she lived with my grandparents. 

My mom said that they were just driving along, heading to her house, when my dad pulled the car off to the side of the road at an intersection. She said, “What are we stopping for?” He then, pulled out the ring and gave it to her, right there on the side of the road, in the car!! She said that he never really “asked” her to marry him. (This is funny, because Hubs never really “asked” me, either!) 

Apparently… my grandfather was NOT too happy that my daddy didn’t ask his permission first! (I think my mom pointed this out to my dad!) So, now he had to go to my mom’s house and get up the nerve to actually “ask” my grandfather if he could marry her.

This warmed my heart so much (and still does!) because I now live in the same city where all this took place. That intersection is nowhere near the same because of all the growth the city has done, but “I” know EXACTLY where my parents became engaged, and I think about it every time I pass by there! 

My mom also told me about how her daddy would flag down the train in the little town that they lived in (the same one that I now live in!), so that my mom and her friends could catch it to ride it into the city. The train was called the “Man of War”. It went from Atlanta to Columbus, and then back again. 

I absolutely LOVE family history stuff!! I sure hope my girls are interested in it, later in their lives. 

I wish I had kept a journal during all the years that they were little. Of course… I do have a whole lot of scrapbooks that I made. Thankfully, we have videos from when they were little, as well. 


This is a laminated copy of my mom & dad’s newspaper announcement. – June 1954