The Calm Before the Storm (part 2)

Journal Entry: Saturday – December 6, 2014

We got up this morning, packed and then headed out (in the car, this time) to find a place to get a biscuit. We ended up at a Burger King, several miles away in the ghetto part of Pensacola! LOL!

After that, we headed to the Perdido Key Beach area of Florida, to look for the south’s famous Flora-Bama!

This is a bar / restaraunt that sits on the beach, right on the Florida-Alabama state line. It’s been there since 1964, the same year that I was born! I was happy to learn that! There is a time line of the history of the Flora-Bama on their webpage. It’s pretty interesting. It’s been through hurricane’s and fires, but always bounces back! Lots of famous people have been there and several musical artists have written songs about it, including Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffet. 

Check out Kenny’s song and video HERE!

The Flora-Bama is a cool place! We hung out in the gift shop while we waited for it to open at 11:00. This is where I discovered that it opened in 1964. 



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While we waited for them to open, they let us walk around and take pictures. I loved it!! (a couple of years later, I got to go back at nighttime! THAT is another story for another day!)

We walked out on the beach, too. VERY PRETTY!! This is the same beach that Kenny Chesney had done his big concert on, back in the summer. It’s a HUGE beach!

Once they opened, we had a beer and some cajun oysters! YUM! I can’t believe that I like oysters, now. I always thought that they were grose! I got to try them once at a friends house, who cooked them Rockefeller style, and they were awesome! 

After we left there, we headed back through Pensacola to get to Pensacola Beach where our next hotel was – The Margaritaville Hotel!!! WAHOO!! This was THE most beautiful hotel that I’ve ever stayed at!! OMG! WOW! It felt like we were on an island somewhere in the caribbean! Our room overlooked the gulf and had a balcony! And from the elevator hallway, we had a view of the bay. Also, very pretty!

I fell in love with the bed in the room! The headboard looked like shutters. The bathroom was HUGE! The shower could have fit me, Hubs and BOTH of our big Golden Retrievers in it, easily! It was a huge walk-in tiled shower, surrounded by glass. SO nice!

The staff at the hotel were awesome! They made me feel so special because it was my birthday. We got a free Christmas ornament and free margarita’s, which were THE best I’ve ever had! (Of course. It’s Margaritaville!)

We changed into our UGA shirts (University of Georgia) and headed out to find a place to drink and watch the SEC Championship game. We went to one place and then walked around and found another. We ended up staying there and hanging out at the bar where we met some new friends. They were two young guys from Arizona who were truck drivers. One was named, Justin. He was a cutie! He was also a UGA fan! YAY! He was originally from Chicago. (I’m not sure how he became a UGA fan) 

The other guy was named Murphy. He was orginally from the Samoan Islands. (I thought he was Hawaian!) Once he learned that it was my birthday… he started buying us drinks and SHOTS!! It was crazy!! Then, we met another guy named Jay and his girlfriend, Winda. They were our age. They were super nice, too. We all had a blast together! Murphy even asked me to dance with him!! I love to dance and rarely get to, since Hubs won’t. Murphy gave me his hat, too. He was a sweetie! Hubs had to drag me away and back to the hotel — literally! I was SO drunk, but had THE best time!! 

Oh … by the way… Saturday, it was 78 degrees and sunny! PERFECT weather! 

I am still friends with Winda and Justin on Facebook. (He’s still out west and still single!)

Celebrating my 50th birthday! What a great night with some great people!

The Calm Before the Storm (part 1)

My 50th birthday weekend… (and really, a week-long! Not just a weekend)… celebration was a blast!! I am excited to share it with you! 🙂

Journal Entry: Thursday – December 11, 2014

Wow!! What a wild, fun, exhausting, and crazy past WEEK it has been! I have LOTS to write about, but first I’ll share WHERE I am from at the moment. 

I am in Atlanta, sitting at a Chick-fil-A, hanging out while Mandy is at a 4 hour-long interview with Delta Airlines at the Atlanta airport! Yeah…. that was not too much fun trying to find that place! But, we did and I am so thankful that we got there on time. 

Anyway… let me back up and write about this past week.

Friday – December 5, 2014

I was able to get the Kenny Chesney tickets easily. I got the 1st row on the upper balcony! YAY! 🙂

Hubs and I left for Pensacola Florida about 11:00 a.m.. I am not sure what time we arrived there, but it was around 3:00 p.m., I think. 

We had planned to go straight to the Outback Steakhouse for a late lunch / early dinner, but they weren’t open, yet. So, we ended up at McGuire’s Irish Pub across the street. It was a very interesting place. We got an appetizer and a beer. It was one from a local brewery. (That’s what we like to get when we are traveling) After that, I had a frozen eggnog with Jim Beam float!! OMG!!! That was SOOOO GOOD! When we left there, we went on to our hotel – The Pensacola Grand Hotel

The hotel was built so that it is attached to a historic train depot. It was VERY pretty inside! We had a room with a view of downtown Pensacola and the bay. 

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We hung out for a little bit and then walked to Carrabba’s Italian Grill for dinner since it was right behind the hotel. We had a wonderful meal and a terrific waitress! (You don’t find many of those!) I had the Chicken Bryan. It was AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it if you ever choose to eat at this restaurant

We walked back to the hotel and took the shuttle bus to the downtown area of Pensacola. We realized that we “could” have walked to it. Oh well. 

Downtown Pensacola
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The downtown area reminded us of New Orleans or Savannah. It was just a little smaller. There were LOTS of bars, restaurants and shops. We found “The World of Beer” place, (of course), and had a beer there. Then, we walked around and found another place called “Beef O’ Grady’s“. I liked that place! I think we just got a beer there, too. No food. 

We walked around a little more and then headed back to our hotel. I wish we had checked out more places, but we didn’t. It had been a long day and we were tired. 




Approaching 50 (part 5)

Journal Entry: Tuesday – December 2, 2014

Hubs has decided to take me to Pensacola, Florida for my birthday. I really wanted to go to New Orleans, but for whatever reason… HE does not want to go. 

We plan to stay in downtown Pensacola the first night and then stay at the Margaritaville Hotel the next two nights! I pray that it’s fun. 

Journal Entry: Wednesday – December 3, 2014 In a MONTH… I have gained 8 pounds! 😦

What is up with this HUGE weight gain??!!! Something is NOT right! 

I woke up this morning with another headache. UGH! And…. my legs have been jerking like CRAZY!! Between this and the menopause stuff… it’s awful! I keep telling myself that I’ve GOT to do something about it! I guess I can try walking instead of riding my bike in the winter. It’s too bad that I don’t have a friend to walk with me in my neighborhood. 

Yesterday, I started trying to figure out what clothes to take on our trip this coming weekend. I got extremely frustrated! I look fat in EVERYTHING!! I just want to cry about it all. 

LORD, please help me to feel better and look better. I feel so old, frumpy and fat! 

I am STILL feeling this way about my clothes! And..… I weigh a LOT more than I did on this day, here!

Journal Entry: Thursday – December 4, 2014 – LOST 2 pounds!

My RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is INSANE this week! It’s the worst that it’s been in a LONG time! I couldn’t even sit through church last night because of it. Then, it bothered me when I got home. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and now, I’m awake at 4:30 because I kept waking up! UGH!! I feel like for whatever reason… my body is so TENSE on the inside. I know muscle tension and anxiety does not help my RLS. The good news is that I lost a couple of pounds! 

I went to see my mom yesterday. I told her about my menopause issues. Of course… the first thing she asked me was… “You’re not pregnant, are you?”.  OMG!!! Really, mom?? That woman has worried about me getting pregnant my whole life! GEEEZZZZZ!! 

I feel so stressed and I don’t know why. I could really use a massage … but, I wonder if it would really help. Of course… now, I want to cry. I can’t wait until I can go to the doctor and get my hormone levels checked. I feel like my body is so out of control! 

I like this journal entry because it helps me to remember how awful I was feeling before I saw the doctor(s) in the following couple of months.

One more entry coming up below, of my “Approaching 50” category, then we’ll move on to my life and “The not-so-fun side of 50”.

Journal Entry: Friday – December 5, 2014 – Back up two pounds, again. 😦

I am still not feeling the greatest. I hope I can make it through the holidays and be able to get to the doctor at the first of the year. Of course… after the holidays, while eating and drinking all the wrong foods, isn’t the most ideal time to go. UGH!

The weather in Pensacola is supposed to be perfect! Saturday, the high will be 73! The lows will be in the 50’s and 60’s. I’m going to have to re-pack!

Hubs is going to get off work early, but I have to go to town to pick up our Kenny Chesney tickets. After we both get home this morning, we will leave.

We plan to go to dinner at Outback Steakhouse when we get down there. Then, we will go to the hotel and then we will go to the historic downtown area of Pensacola. There are lots of bars down there that we want to check out. It should be fun!

Hubs and I in front of our hotel in Pensacola, Florida. (My under-eye bags and neck wrinkles!! UGH!!)