I Know I Shouldn’t… But…

Is there a name for someone who constantly researches things in order to learn more about them?? If there is… then THAT is what (who?) I am!

I enjoy reading and researching things. (Too bad I didn’t enjoy that back in high school!) Especially when it comes to my health and the symptoms that I have. I’ve slowed down at the moment since I am more involved in my blogging and my POSHMARK STORE.

For me…. I believe in researching things to become as educated as I can regarding whatever it is that I am researching.

Yes… I know… “You can’t believe everything you read”… Especially on the internet! BUT… We don’t have access to a whole bookcase full of encyclopedias in our own home like we used to. (At least I did!)  And…. If we did… Would they be up to date with the latest info?? Doubtful.

Soooo…. Where am I supposed to go for information??? —– THE INTERNET!!

If you grew up in the 60’s & 70’s… you might remember these!

Photo credit HERE (these are for sale on this link!)

And guess what??? You can STILL buy new ones!! I had no idea!

Oh dear! There goes my searching the internet ONLY theory!


Why am I writing about all this “researching” stuff? Well, like I said earlier… that’s what I do! You will see in this next journal entry! (and many others, I’m sure!)

Journal Entry: Tuesday – January 27, 2015

I’m really scared! I’m scared that I have diabetes. I know how it affects your extremities and my finger tips have been tingling. And… this morning, when I stepped out of bed, my left heel felt like it was asleep! 

I’ve always known that there was a 50/50 chance that I would get diabetes because of my daddy, but…. I DON’T WANT IT!! (my daddy AND both his sister and his brother had it!)

I don’t know. Maybe I don’t have it. I’m looking up symptoms now and I don’t have too many of the other ones. 

Yesterday, I had a massive headache! I just want to stay home and cry all day today. 

Journal Entry: Thursday – January 29, 2015

Tomorrow, I go back to the endocrinologist to have my blood work done. They will also do an ultrasound on my thyroid. Then, I go back in two weeks for the results. I am SO anxious to know what is going on!


Learning About the Thyroid

Thank you for the prayers for my Levi. He is doing MUCH better! The vet said that he probably just twisted his knee. She didn’t think it was anything serious. She gave him some pain meds and said to let him be a “couch potato” for the next week or two to let the inflammation subside. 🙂

Journal Entry: Thursday – January 15, 2015

I got my hair done yesterday. (I have been getting my hair highlighted for many years now.) I was there for what felt like FOREVER!! I had two girls in front of me. Usually, I am her first appointment. Oh well. My hair turned out awesome and that’s all that matters! I love my hairdresser, Katie! 

I went to see my mom after that. I didn’t stay too long, though. I wanted to ask her questions about her thyroid. It turns out that she had half of hers removed because of a growth, not because it was defective! (I’m not sure what that means) Soooo….. I guess I did not get this thyroid problem from her. I don’t know for sure, though. 

I bought two books from the book store. They are GREAT and are explaining a LOT! They’re making me realize that I need to see an endocrinologist, which is a doctor that deals with the endoctrine system — thyroid and hormones. (Plus more) 

Hubs agreed with me — THANK YOU, LORD! So, my goal today is to get myself set up with an appointment with one. Hopefully, I won’t have to wait months!! 

Today, I plan to stay at home. I hope to get some chores done, but I am so distracted by all this thyroid “stuff”! All I want to do is read these books! 

Here are the two books that I bought and the links to Barnes & Noble.

HYPO book 1